Certifications and Courses


Youtube Music Certification · Google | Issued January 2023 · Expires July 2024

Public Relations Ethics Training · The Arthur W. Page Center for Integrity in Public Communication | Issued October 2022

Social and Behavioral Research · CITI Program | Issued January 2022 · Expires January 2027

Photoshop 2020 Essentials Training: The Basics · LinkedIn | Issued March 2021

InDesign 2020 Essential Training · LinkedIn | Issued February 2021


Business Fundamentals as Applied to the Music Industry

Fundamental concepts in the fields of economics, finance, IS/IT, management, marketing, and real estate. The course serves as a setting to learn basic tools in the music business and as an introduction to various fields enabling the student to understand fundamental approaches to issues in business.

Promotion and Publicity Techniques for Music Business

Examines unique/specific techniques for promoting albums, artists and concerts. Will examine traditional methods like paid advertising, radio airplay, local/national press. Also, will examine non-traditional tools, like social networks, online retailers, street teams, and viral video. Will emphasize using new metrics to gauge effectiveness of these tools.

Fundamentals of Music Business

A survey of the music industry, its various revenue-generating sources, its principal actors, and its developmental history.

Music Artist Management and Development

A study of issues related to the personal management and career development of musical artists, including building the artist’s support team, contract negotiation, revenue generation and management, press relations, and marketing through image and branding.

Emerging Issues in Music Business

The operational aspects of the music recording industry. Focus on special topics such as engineering, creative content development, and intellectual property protection. This course also features experiential learning activities, designed to provide hands-on experience and networking opportunities.

Survey of Accounting

An overview of the basic concepts of financial and managerial accounting. Students are taught how to prepare, read, and analyze corporate financial statements. Additionally, students are taught the tools and techniques necessary for managerial planning, controlling, and decision making.

ADPR Research: Insights and Analytics

Basic social science research methods course. The goal is to provide a critical framework for evaluating social science research and experience conducting ADPR research. Students will learn how to select an appropriate research technique, conduct and supervise research, analyze and interpret data, and write research reports.

Foundations of Graphic Communication

Students learn to analyze and use the principles of design, typography, layout, color theory, and concept development. Students gain the skills to design messages for particular audiences and to prepare designs correctly for print, digital, video, and social environments. Adobe Creative software is used to produce work for student portfolios.

Public Relations Management

Operation and objectives of corporate public relations programs using the case study approach. Emphasis is given to relating the management function of decision making and policy formation to the communication process.

Public Relations Communications

Writing course designed to help the student understand news releases, feature stories, speeches, letters, scripts, cutlines, memoranda, and other tools basic to the practice of public relations. Emphasis will be placed on the strategies and techniques behind public relations writing.

PR Ethics, Diverse Cultures, and Cross-Cultural Leadership

Examines the intersection of public relations ethics in communicating with domestic and global multicultural publics. Case studies and theory are applied to contemporary situations exploring how economics and politics affect issues of inclusion, corporate purpose, communication, and leadership across cultures. Considerations for avoiding marginalization are analyzed.

Public Relations Campaigns

Students conduct research, planning, and preparation of an integrated public relations campaign designed to solve problems for outside clients. Outside clients alternate among business, government, and nonprofit organizations. Student groups present their solutions to prospective clients.

Reporting and Writing Across Platforms

Students will report, write, and edit a variety of journalistic story types that are appropriate for delivery in multiple platforms and that adhere to professional and ethical standards of journalism.

Principles of Marketing

Examination of the ways organizations satisfy consumer and organizational needs and wants for products and services. Emphasis is placed on how the elements of the marketing mix are used to provide customer satisfaction in the marketing of goods and services, both domestically and internationally.

Principles of Advertising

An overview of advertising careers, including creative, social and digital media, planning, and brand management. The historical roots of advertising as an economic catalyst and potent influence on popular culture. Celebrity endorsement and other key strategies, techniques, and skills used by professionals are discussed.