Projects and Client Work

Music Festival

In the capstone course for the music business program, I was able to be a part of a team to produce a music festival. I acted as the Festival Coordinator and Artist Relations Coordinator. With this title, I booked artists that were all recent students, alumni, and professors in the music business program at the University of Georgia. It was important that I stayed in contact with the artists throughout the timeline of booking to the day of the festival. As a team, we recruited sponsors to support the production. I created and monitored the Facebook page which reached nearly 2,000 viewers in less than two months. On the day of the festival, I assisted with operations to help it run smoothly. Dawg Daze Music Festival was covered by various news outlets and photographers. Below is our final presentation that outlines the steps we took to create an event that had a profit of nearly $6,000. We raised this money to support the music business internship fund and music business program.

Microcosm Dawg Daze Festival (1).pptx

Public Relations Communications

Leading up to my campaign course, there were courses that guided me to be able to present a full campaign to a client. This is a media kit created for a music education non-profit located in Athens, GA. I was in contact with the Founder and Executive Director, Natalie Smith, to create a media kit for her non-profit to use. This included a SWOT analysis, press release, media list, pitch, and a social media plan.

Public Relations Management

Along with three classmates, I created a public relations plan for WUGA, a radio station located in Athens, GA. We created goals, objectives, and tactics based off of previous research that was given to us. Included is a GANTT chart and budget to ensure our plan would be implemented in the best way for WUGA.

Public Relations Campaigns

Public Relations Campaigns is a course where we were given a client and created a campaign based on their needs. For this campaign, I worked with classmates to create a campaign for Seacrest Studios in Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta. As a team, we conducted research on what the studio needed to have a more successful presence throughout the hospital. The research included awareness surveys, satisfaction surveys, and interviews. Using our research, I helped create goals, tactics, and objectives to reach the companies needs. A budget and GANTT chart was included in our final book as well. The final book was presented to our client.

*Below are Canva slides and posters I created as a part of the campaign. The final book is our clients private information.