By Tatum Smith

Recommended Tracks: ‘ZIPPER’, ‘BLEACH’, ‘SISTER/NATION’

Similar Artists: Kevin Abstract, Earl Sweatshirt, Run the Jewels

There have been a stunning amount of boybands, some include One Direction, Jonas Brothers, and Backstreet Boys, just to name a few. BROCKHAMPTON is the new level of boy band. With 14 boys, consisting of rappers, producers, photographers, directors, DJs, graphic designers, and engineers, they all have special roles that they play to create “THE WORLDS GREATEST BOYBAND”.

Their debut album is named, “ALL-AMERICAN TRASH”. They now have three more albums in addition to their first one, “SATURATION”, “SATURATION II” , and their newest, “SATURATION III”. Not to mention, all three “SATURATION” albums were released in 2017. All of the “SATURATION” albums have the same sounds, it is hard to say which album a song comes off of.

The 15 track album, “SATURATION III”, runs so smooth as you listen to it. The transition from “CINEMA 1” to “STUPID”, flows in such a beautiful and artistic way. It makes you want to listen to the whole album without stoping.

The creator of the 14 person band, Ian Simpson, also known as Kevin Abstract, talks about his sexuality in the songs. One lyric in “JOHNNY” is, “I could’ve gotten a job at McDonalds, but I like curly fries. That’s a metaphor for my life, and I like taller guys.” He also says in “STUPID”, “I’m a faggot, I say it, I say that shit like I mean it.” He shares in other songs that he was scared to tell his family and friends that he was gay, and he wants people to be comfortable with who they are and be able to share that with family and friends. Kevin raps about his sexuality, and Dom McLennon raps about race in “STUPID”. They all get the opportunity to express how they feel.

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